A full fairing kits include left body fairing clutch side

Specifications, appearance, and price of product are subject to change without notice. Totalmotorcycle”. Owner and Founder of Total Motorcycle. Sadly, nothing else on the bike worked and it would not strike the starter into life. After much head scratching it was reasoned that at least one of the two wires that were left unconnected to anything would probably solve it. The one with the ring terminal had to be an earth, grom fairings so once that was bolted to the engine casingthe bike became alive for the first time in three years!!!.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a few of these including a sub 30k mile example and this drives the best of the bunch. The steering is precise and tracks perfectly. The shifting is butter smooth with no grinding. I clock up 100 miles a day going from dep dark essex to London back and I must admit I can;t believe that a 125 can be so good she goes fine up the A12 sitting at 65 70, custom motorcycle fairings has done 80 with the wind behind me downhill, and I’m not exactly a small chap anymore (6ft or so about 15 stoneish). Now the suns out its even more fun on the back roads and only takes a tenner or so every 2 days to fill up which I think is amazing. I’m looking forward to getting a bigger bike but this things so good I’m no rush at all..

The engine has reasonable pull considering the capacity and the weight it has to heave, with most of the power(typically V twin) in the higher range, with nothing much happening until 8 grand. It redlines at 12, define fairing 000 rpm and if you want to be doing motorway or reasonable A road speeds then thats about where you will be sitting. The bike doesnt like going above 50mph I find and being mechanically minded I hate to pin it over long distances at high speed.

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Once the traffic opened up a bit, kawasaki ninja 300 fairings I was able to cruise at a higher speed and feel what this bike would be like to ride across the country. The seat was very comfortable, and even the placement of the foot pegs, shifters, and brake controls were all in a perfect location. Don stop for sandwiches if you don want to hear the whining.

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